Quick Update

It’s been a week since the last update.  I just wanted to let everyone know where things stand.

I’ve been focusing on a couple of things.

1) internationization.  It looks like Danish will be done first.  There is still a lot to do.  Here is a VERY early screenshot:

I an looking for people to translate into:
 – German
 – Spanish
 – French
 – Italian
 (and any other languages you are willing to help with.). Check the website for instructions or email me for more information.2) Script Mode – this has been redesigned and is a lot nicer than the initial design.  It’s pretty much transparent from the user standpoint.  You can type your script and the app will reformat on demand or when you chose to export it.  It’s not perfect yet, but vert usable. I’ve been using it daily for ScriptFrenzy (and have a 75 page script written solely using Auteureist.)

3) Cleanup – as part of working on Script Mode I have gone over the existing code and rewritten a lot of it to make it more efficient and stable.  Text editing is essentially totally rewritten.  You should notice it being a bit faster and no more weird sizing issues when changing modes or orientations.4) the iPad version:  it works.  Right now it is the iPhone version with no iPad-specific goodies.  Once I get all the internationalization stuff done I’ll start adding all the new/cool iPad OS4.0 stuff.

Which brings me to a couple of points:- the documentation for 1.3 will have some name changes for screens.  When I first started on Auteureist it was purely meant for novel writers.  It has grown and the screen names that use Novel and Chapter don’t really apply.  To make things more generic. Screens with “Novel” and “Chapter” in their title in the documentation will be renamed with “Writing” and “Entry” respectively.

– Version 1.3 for the iPhone will require a minimum of version 3.1.3 on your iPhone or Touch.
The first version of Auteureist for the iPad will require version 4.0 and will be Auteureist 2.0.  At that point the iPhone version will be updated to 2.0 and require iPhone OS 4.0 as well.I just wanted to make sure you know what to expect and to keep your iPhone OS current.

I want to use some new features and that requires updating Auteureist to run on the latest version of the OS.  Up to this point, I have pretty much allowed it to run on 3.1 or later.That’s it for now.

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