Cleaning Up

Another week another update. I am cleaning things up now in preparation for 1.3 which I hope will be submitted about the first week in June.

Things to look forward to: 1.3 has a totally new export engine. It gives you more options and is more memory effiient.

Backup/restore shows you the date of the last restore. You can turn the falling banner off.

Photos and voice notes are now exported. Those are just a few of the things everyone gets for free.

ScriptMode will be the usual 0.99 US cost, which includes export to FinalDraft. The iPad version will come out after 1.3. The iPad version will cost more than the $5.99 US but it will include both JournalMode and ScriptMode.

A minor update to the iPhone version will be released at the same time. At that point both versions will be renumbered to Version 2.0. What then? I want to add grammar checking. That will be the first in- app purchase for iPad and iPhone after 2.0.

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Status Update

Well I know I’ve been quiet. This is mostly due to me trying to get things tested for the 1.3 iPhone release. This is a major revision. The main addition is, of course, Script Mode. But there are also various fixes, enhancements, free minor features, as well as improvements. It is taking time to make sure things are working properly and stable. The code has been frozen and it is just a matter of time to ensure everything is tested and debugged. I don’t want to rush things.

Retrofitting internationalizations/translations is a lot of work. Now I know better. That is taking a lot of time all by itself. And I am still looking for translators. That’s the latest.

Oh there is one more thing…but you’ll have to wait for the release. Sent from Auteureist™ –


Auteureist and Final Draft

Time for an update.

– Script Frenzy: I successfully completed a 101 page script using nothing more than my iPhone and Auteureist. The first stage play completely written on the iPhone! Additionally, I worked on Script Mode as I wrote. Most of the core feature set of Script mode is complete and frozen, apart from integrating acts into scenes and formatting screenplays (stage plays are done). Along the way I’ve reworked a lot of code in how text is edited. The code is cleaner, and more memory efficient overall. Some bug fixes as well are in place.

– One major feature of Auteureist’s Script Mode is the support for integrating Final Draft. You can now export your scripts via email and wirelessly, and import them into Final Draft 8 in *.fdx format. Here is a look at my script in Final Draft:


It still has one minor issue that I’m trying to resolve, but it works nicely overall.

– And now a sneak peak. Another thing I’m working on (low-priority) is improving Auteureist™ Sync. Here’s a very early screenshot:


– Next, the iPad version is coming along. There is a lot of stuff I need to do with internationalization before I can start concentrating on the iPad version. There is a fair amount of setup to do translation, because I’d never done any before and I have to retrofit a lot of stuff into the code to support it. I want to get that done before I work on the iPad version, but the core is there. Soon, soon.

– Finally, the Script Frenzy contest is over. No one entered. Oh well, no winners this time.

That’s it for this time.