Another Update

Just a quick note. I am still testing and tweaking 1.3. Most of my time is focused on making sure the new export/formatting logic is stable and outputting the correct stuff.

Just a bit of background: up until now I wasn’t happy with how I was generating the exports in MMD. It worked but it was poorly designed. So as part of 1.3 I’ve rewritten that logic and now it is much easier to plug in new formatting options (you’ll see some in 1.3, such as FDX for FinalDraft). An additional benefit is that it is much better at conserving memory and a bit faster. Speed really hasn’t been an issue until you start working with large novels and scripts as I have. Then it can take a couple of seconds to generate the output. So 1.3 will be a bit faster with these large projects as well (by about a second or two). In 1.3 you’ll also get finer control of what gets exported—and some new things such as now you will have a title page generated.

So that’s where my time is mostly going. I’ve also fixed some minor annoyances and infrequent bugs. So I am testing and retesting. It’s still not perfect. But it’s better than 1.2.

So when will I be ready to submit? At this point I hope mid June. It’s close, but I don’t feel happy with it right now.
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