Auteureist 2.0 UI Update Sneak Peek

Auteureist 2.0 is under development now that iOS4 is out and I can develop for it.  Things are moving along nicely and I felt I could share a sneak peek at what to look forward to.

First of all, fast app switching (multitasking) is working.  As a result of getting that in place there have been some vast improvements in memory and performance. For example, startup times to the first screen are about 10-15x faster!  It is now about a second whereas it took about 15 seconds if you had a LARGE database.  Now it’s no longer painful 😉




Memory is managed a lot better as result.  What this means is the app should be a lot more stable and responsive overall.I am also going to be using a lot of 4 capabilities, so I recommend everyone update to 4.  

As part of 2.0 I am simplifying the UI. I never really liked all the toolbars, but they were efficient.  However, they clutter things up.  Also, I am adding some “polish” to the UI in the form of a skin.  Here is a peak at the main screen with the skin.  It just looks much nicer and professional.  If you don’t like it, you can turn it off and the app will revert to “bare” mode.


Speaking of toolbars the text editing screen has been simplified. Here is the old:



And the new:




All the functionality is still there.  If the keyboard is up, tapping on the title will dismiss it.  If the keyboard is down, tapping the title switches between displaying the title and the word/page count.

The Save button is now labeled Options.  Tapping it brings up a menu with the functions that wereoriginally on the second toolbar.

The new UI is a lot simpler to understand and cleans up the window providing you with more space to type in. It’s really great and intuitive. 

There will be more UI changes in 2.0 but those will have to wait for another sneak peek.

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