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Status Update

Time for an update.  More UI improvements to reveal.  There will be a new main screen.  The problem with the old one is that there is a lot of scrolling if you have a lot of projects.So here is the new and improved main screen.  

Note the new bubbles.  The number on the right side indicates the number of items of the corresponding type.  Tapping on an item animates it to reveal the items of that type.  It’s a lot easier to focus on what you want to work on with the new screen.


Here is a screenshot of the chapter view with the new bubble style.


So, the UI changes are winding down.  I have a few more to incorporate and then I can work on the iPad UI.,The feature set is frozen, so now it’s just debugging and testing.

I’ve also started reworking the Auteureist™ website which will be revealed at the same time that 2.0 is released.I have lots to do, but I see the goal! 

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Yet Even More UI Goodness

The changes continue,

First something that looks minor:


If you note this post to Twitter is tagged with “via Auteureist”. This is pretty significant in that it signals the use of OAuth in communicating with Twitter.  OAuth is a more secure way of logging in and Twitter is switching to this method shortly.  So Auteureist is ready.  If you didn’t know you can post to Twitter and Facebook from Journal Mode.

Next something more visually significant.


This is the new Journal List Screen. It replaces the more generic list view of earlier versions of Auteureist.  The new calendar view provides a bit better view of when you journal.Stay cool.

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Some More Ui Stuff

Just a couple of new things prior to the long holiday weekend here.

First, if you look at this:


It doesn’t look very different, but what is new is that blog entries are now sequenced in reverse chronological order (latest at the top). Not a big improvement, but definitely nice if you use Auteureist for writing blogs as I do. Second, here is a shot of element/chapter editing with the keyboard up.


The keyboard now has an attached view. This simplifies the flow a lot. The first button let’s you use the thesaurus from the keyboard. Select some text and tap the magnifier. The next three buttons allow you to create a character, alias, or location entry based on selected text. The last button allows you to create research entries as you write without backing out. There are also some other minor UI tweaks visible on the screen.

Finally, another UI improvement is that Auteureist no longer kicks you out to Safari when it needs to display a webpage. A simple fix I have finally gotten around to.

So that’s this week’s update. I’d like to ask all of you, what do you want to see in 2.0? Let me know what you’d like and I’ll put it on my list. More new goodness next time.

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