No News Is Good News

There are no new features or UI screenshots to reveal this time around. Rather, I’ll just fill you all in on what the status is, and some personal thoughts. Most of my time has been spent in testing and retesting and eliminating bugs from the iPhone version. Things are definitely winding down and my to-do list is down to three-quarters of a page. Of course this is not a linear process. Occasionally, I or someone discovers something new, but this is the exception. Developing a program has a lot in common with creative writing. The first draft is always fast and easy. Subsequent drafts (versions) are laborious and prone to a lot of editing and rewriting. Writing a sequel is harder still. Auteureist 2.0 is more of a sequel. The plot is similar but the structure and details are different internally. It’s more polished, more interesting, and hopefully more capable.

I have spent a lot of time on optimizing and making things both easier to use and efficient internally. I have learned a lot since 1.0 was released. I’m still learning. Version 2.0 tries to fix a lot (not all) of the mistakes and assumptions I made. The iPad version will use the core of the iPhone’s version and capabilities, but the UI will be more straightforward and geared to the iPad. I don’t have a team of designers or developers working on everything—it’s just me. The UI on the iPad won’t be perfect—the iPhone’s wasn’t when it first came out. I design and create based on what I want to use. I then take feedback from you as to how to make it better. Things evolve. My work on the updated website is a secondary concern right now. I want to get the app stable for release first. Have I gotten rich yet? Simply put, no. Auteureist by it’s very nature is a niche app. Have I recouped my time and effort? Only from the standpoint of experience. Do I get frustrated and want to quit? Probably every day. But I still want to write the app I want to use—and it’s closer than before. I use Auteureist daily. Not only for testing and developing and blogging, but for writing. It’s not perfect. It never will be. But it’s more than capable, and it’s flexible.

So, no new news from me means I’m heads-down busy. It doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

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