ScriptFrenzy Draws Near

April starts ScriptFrenzy, a month of script writing. If you’re interested sign up at and friend me. I’ll be spending all of April working on a script using the iPad version of Auteureist, and I’ll be posting daily updates on my writing blog. In the meantime, version 2.14 has been submitted. The main new feature is the ability to export your work in PDF format. Additionally, there are a bunch of bug fixes and a couple minor enhancements. See the complete list on the support page of the main site.

As mentioned, the next release will be mostly a performance release plus whatever bug fixes are required. I’ll be too busy with work and ScriptFrenzy to work on new features until May.

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Time For A Status Update

A quick update on what’s going on. I’ve pushed out a bunch of updates quickly after 2.0 and things have settled down. I’ve gotten a Bluetooth keyboard so I can now test/fix the screen issue when using an external keyboard. The 1.4 update will have a couple (all known) bugs fixed apart from the external keyboard.

The one new feature will be the ability to export in PDF. Several people have asked for that. I’m looking for a couple of new beta testers. If interested, see the Support page on the website.

I’m going to slow the release cycle down a bit. I have been pushing myself too hard since 2.0. That and ScriptFrenzy is coming I’m April—time to use the iPad to write a script. I am hoping to submit 2.14 next weekend

So what’s in the future? I see 2.15 as being a performance version with a major new feature (free). So that’s the latest. Thanks for all the support and feedback. I do this as a hobby in my spare time. I don’t have any staff or teams of people. I appreciate al the people who have provided input and like the app, despite the rough spots.

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