I spent the week at a couple of conferences this week. A couple of sessions were applicable to developing on the iPhone and iPad. The sessions gave me some good ideas and got me thinking about how the Auteureist UI works. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a designer. The UI works for me and it’s designed around the way I write and work, but it can be better. I’ve evolved the design based on my usage over time as well as requests. As I said, the conference has given me some new information and outlook on better UI design. So I’m beginning to think about redesigning the user interface of the app, especially for the iPad. The iPhone UI is decent, but the iPad UI was designed before I actually had the device and able to learn what works and doesn’t.

So, after 2.16, the iPad UI is going to change. I’m going to work on making it simpler, more intuitive, and fun. The functionality won’t change, but how you work with your information will. I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully, you will like the result. Sent from Auteureist™ on iPad –


Version 2.15 Submitted

Update time.  I’ve been busy with work and ScriptFrenzy and haven’t had much free time.  However, I’ve submitted 2.15.  Here is the list of changes:

ID Title Creation Date Priority Status Severity Product
18 Color Code Progress Bar 18 Jan 2011 13:50:01 P5 Closed Enhancement Auteureist™
127 Formatters Now Handle Terminators 03 Apr 2011 11:09:40 P1 Closed Enhancement Auteureist™
128 Colorize Lifestream Mood Graph 05 Apr 2011 21:09:42 P1 Closed Enhancement Auteureist™
140 PDF Honors Font and Size 19 Apr 2011 14:10:45 P1 Closed Enhancement Auteureist™
141 Better Page Count Calculation 19 Apr 2011 14:12:23 P1 Closed Enhancement Auteureist™
40 Support external keyboards 25 Jan 2011 19:43:21 P1 Closed Major Auteureist™
142 Random Crash On Install 19 Apr 2011 15:51:50 P1 Closed Major Auteureist™
125 Percent Complete For Scene Incorrect 01 Apr 2011 18:42:26 P1 Closed Minor Auteureist™
126 Tweeting Progress Now Tweets Pages Properly 02 Apr 2011 17:19:55 P1 Closed Minor Auteureist™
130 Rememeber Last Screen Between Sessions 06 Apr 2011 12:21:13 P1 Closed Minor Auteureist™
131 Editing Cell Overlaps Control 06 Apr 2011 13:20:58 P1 Closed Minor Auteureist™
135 Fixed Bug in eBook Title Page 15 Apr 2011 17:20:55 P1 Closed Minor Auteureist™
39 Support Video Out 25 Jan 2011 19:28:44 P5 Closed New Feature Auteureist™
85 Import OPML 17 Feb 2011 21:10:28 P1 Closed New Feature Auteureist™
132 Keyboard Accessory View Functionality Rework 07 Apr 2011 13:54:05 P1 Closed New Feature Auteureist™
The big things are importing OPML, new keyboard accessory view functionality, support for external keyboards and I found a crash that occurred on a new install that would pop up under certain circumstances.  Hopefully, this will increate stability for new users.
There are also a bunch of minor fixes and a few cosmetic changes.  

I’m still looking for some beta testers who are willing to try new versions and actually report what they find.  Sign up on the main website’s support page.

Things To Come In 2.15

I’ve been busy with work and ScriotFrenzy, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been ignoring updating Auteureist. Actually, 2.15 has a couple of significant changes of which I want to make you aware. First of all, there will be a few bug fixes. The app once again remembers your screen between sessions. This functionality got lost in the 2.0 release during the rewrite.

Next there are some minor enhancements such as color coding the progress bar as you type to indicate whether you have hit your target or not (red/green). Additionally, on the iPad the mood graph of the Lifestream view is also color coded based on then slider position. Days that you have marked with a value below the center are graphed on red, and this above are in green. That gives you a better view of the trends in the graph. Also, the graph is scaled and centered better. There will be a couple of new features in 2.15. The main one is support for external keyboards. The long standing issue has been resolved. I finally got a keyboard I could use with the iPad.

The second new feature is the ability to import OPML files from outlining applications. Imported outlines will be imported as flattened structures where items are converted to sections in your project, while outline item notes becomes the text within the element. This will allow you to create an outline of your project’s writing structure in another app and transfer the structure to Auteureist where you can work on the text. One thing to note is that Auteureist is not an outlining app, so any nesting in your outline will be flattened once it’s imported. Finally, there is a major enhancement, specifically in how the keyboard’s accessory view works. I think it’s more intuitive and much more useful. This is a change I put in based on writing scripts, but it’s useful everywhere. I’ll post a separate entry describing how it will work starting with 2.15.

I’ve also tweaked the screen flow a bit. Specifically, selecting an element (chapter, scene, etc) will bypass the Element Edit screen where you manage the information about the element, but instead will take you directly to the text editing screen. This is more efficient and natural. One problem this caused, however, is that there was no way to get to the edit screen. The solution is now when you finish writing and save your work, you will be taken to the edit screen. This turns out to be a more more natural flow as well since it makes it easier to mark an element complete after you finish writing it. So that’s it for 2.15 which should be submitted within the next few days. One last point; I’m still looking for two more beta testers (sign up on the Auteureist website)—yes an NDA will be required.

Sent from Auteureist™ on iPad –