Make It Simpler

Just a quick update. There are more optimizations and bug fixes in the works. That’s an on-going process.

One thing people seem to be having problems with the iPad version is the double toolbar at the top. Personally, I love it because it let’s me to go from any screen to any other screen in the app without having to go through intermediate screens. But apparently people are confused as to how to use it and why there are two. So 2.17 is going to get rid of one of the toolbars. This makes using the app a lot simpler and more straight forward, but in a less flexible way. It’s a reasonable tradeoff.

This change requires some rework since both the iPad and iPhone versions use the same logic internally and now the iPad logic needs to diverge. This is causing other issues in testing and opportunities for the future. Structurally, the iPad version is becoming simpler despite the change. This is a good thing. I’m also continually trying to simplify the code as I go. When I started Auteureist I had no idea what I was doing or how to code on the iPhone. I’m still learning. Each version includes fixes to old and in a lot of cases bad code. It’s an iterative process as well. You fix something and find something that needs fixing as a result. In a recent post I mentioned 3.0. I plan 3.0 to be a complete rewrite from scratch. At some point, the existing code and weaknesses need to be retired in favor of a new beginning. Version 3.0 is a long way off. In the meantime, 2.17 will include a simplified UI on the iPad as I just mentioned. Additionally, as I teased in the previous post, version 2.17 will have text-to-speech capability. You will be able to have your chapters and other writing elements read aloud. This is actually useful in proofing your writing. You can sometimes hear problems you don’t see. You will also have the ability to adjust the characteristics of the speech. This will be a $0.99US in-app purchase on both the iPhone and iPad versions, since not everyone will want this. One major other change in 2.17 is a change in how preferences are stored. This will require a reset of your preferences the first time you use a pre-2.17 database. (This includes restoring a pre-2.17 database). This will help make migrating from version 2 to 3 a lot easier when that occurs.

That’s the latest. 2.17 is at least a week or two from submission based on early testing. Sent from Auteureist™ on iPad –


Hear it comes!

Version 2.16 has been submitted.
A glimpse at 2.17…

Price will be: iPhone and iPad: $0.99US


Status Update And The Future Is Coming

Version 2.16 will be submitted later this week.  It has some significant performance and memory usage improvements as well as stability improvements.  I’m really pleased at how it’s behaving.  A complete list of changes can be found on the website.Now that 2.16 is pretty much done, I promised some UI improvements.  These will be rolled out along with some significant new functionality starting in 2.17.

But as they say, there is one more thing…Version 3.0.  Version 2.0 was my first iPad app.  And as you saw there have been a lot of bumps and rough edges in the UI.  It works but it’s not as intuitive as it should be.  Some people like it, some are confused by the capabilities and how to use them.  I’ve learned a lot in the process and it’s time to fix things.

Version 3.0 will be used to reinvent how you interact with your writing.  I promise it will be more intuitive, easier, and hopefully more fun.  It will be simpler.  It will be more useful and have more capabilities. It will be what you are comfortable with if you’ve used the iWork apps or OmniFocus.Moving to Version 3.0 will involve having to upgrade your database.  This will be built into both the iPhone and iPad apps prior to 3.0.  This will make moving to 3.0 easier and more efficient when it occurs.

Version 3.0 will be an iPad version from the UI standpoint, although  the iPhone version will invariably benefit from the changes, they won’t be as drastic.You probably have two questions:  when and how much?

When?  When I feel it is ready.  I am hopeful it will be this year, but I’ll see how things go.How much?  Purchase price will remain the same. If you already have the app, the upgrade will be free.  If you have the iPhone version and want to buy the iPad version, the price will remain the same (no cross grade discount).

I’ve been busy scribbling notes and sketches on my vision.  I spent the weekend (more time than I should have—I need a break) coding and building.  I’m really pleased so far.  There’s not much,  it’s mostly just a proof of concept to myself.  I was trying to prove to myself I had learned more of iOS development than I’d tried using before.  Mostly, however, I needed to know if it was worth the effort.  I believe it is.Here are two simple screens.  What you don’t see are the transitions and animations.  There won’t be many/any harsh transitions when changing screens.  There is no data right now.  Just the start of a user interface.

First, the password screen redone. Something this simple caused so many problems during my initial foray into iOS development.  Just getting the v3 version to display the way I wanted to was worth the effort.


Next, the opening screen.


This is where you create and select your projects.  This is an early look, but gives you an idea of where things are heading.So there you go; a look at the future.

One last thing, I am looking for testers.  Sign up from the product website.

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What Will Be In 2.16

Time for a quick update.  Version 2.16 will geared to improving performance and the internal code.  When you have a lot of large projects and thousands of journal entries in Auteureist things tends to get a little slow in spots.  The next release will make things a bit more fluid.  I’m optimizing how I handle some of the key structures.  This involves a lot of small changes throughout the app’s code so I’m spending a lot more time in testing things.In addition to the optimizations, a few minor bug fixes and enhancements the main new feature is for me.  Auteureist will detect crashes and generate an email you can send to me with information about what caused the crash.  Sending the email will be completely voluntary and NO personal information will be sent.  This will allow me to more quickly determine where the crash occurred and what caused it.  The 2.16 release will have the basic capability built in.  This will streamline bug reporting and resolution.  Here is what the email will look like:

Looking beyond 2.16 to 2.17, 2.17 should be the first major adjustment to the UI since the iPad version came out.  The UI on the iPhone will essentially remain as is, but the iPad’s will make the work flow and experience better, I hope.Version 2.17 will also see the addition of another in-app purchase mode for both the iPhone and iPad.  The price will remain $0.99US each.  I’ll be providing more info on what it is as we get closer to 2.17.

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