iOS5 Changes the Game For Developers

As you have probably heard Apple had their developer conference this week and announced the next versions of their OSes. No, I wasnt able to go this year due to work commitments. However, I have been browsing the released documentation for the iOS and what I am seeing is impressive. No, I can’t speak to details since I am under NDA, but all I can say is “Oh boy! This is neat.”. The new release is making me rethink things yet again. What Apple is putting out is going to make developer’s of iOS more productive, consistent, and help them make better apps. How does that affect you, the users of Auteureist ? iOS 5 is being released “this fall”. I was planning on a rewrite for version 3.0 anyway and had started. What I have seen of the docs (I haven’t had much free time to do so actually) is to try to target Auteureist 3.0 for iOS 5. Which is not to say I’ll hit the release date, but the app will require iOS 5 to run. It will be redesigned and rewritten from the ground up. If you want to help test and improve the app, please sign up for a beta test account on the support page—and be willing to actually test.

I’m also soliciting input on what you would like to see. Be specific. “Make it cool” isn’t a suggestion. Having said that, I’m not sure how it will be priced. I’ll also have to work out a pricing upgrade path to existing users. I’ll also continue to work on the 2.+ versions. The iPad version will transition to 3.0 as will be my central focus. And yes there will be iCloud support for seamless synchronization.

More details to follow. Sent from Auteureist™ on iPad –