The Fix Is In

It’s been a while since the last update. I haven’t been hiding, I have been busy. One thing keeping me busy has been work—my real job. Auteureist, as I have said before, is a hobby—but an important one. That’s the second thing keeping me occupied. As you may have noticed 2.17 wasn’t very stable. I won’t go into why, let’s just say there was enough blame to go around, self included. So I have spent most of the month mainly just fixing things that shouldn’t have been broken in the first place.

Version 2.18 is in Apple’s hands and should be released shortly. This is mainly a crash fix release. I’ve gone through and I believe fixed all reported causes of crashes. That is not to say it won’t crash or there aren’t other causes, but it should be a lot more stable. Memory use is down as a result as well. Another annoyance was the progress display, it turns out. That code is disabled in this release. There appears to be a timing problem that causes the display not to be cleared from the screen. Until I can resolve it the progress display will be disabled. I’ve also switched the system the app uses to report crashes. It is now handled transparently behind the scenes. The earlier system prompted for user information/feedback and it turns out most people just ignored it. The system it turns out was one of the reasons for some of the crashes—I won’t name the company/product. I would still like to hear what you were doing to cause the crash. So that’s the update; it’s mostly a crash fix release. However, there are a couple enhancements you should be aware of.

First, how you deal with Dropbox is simplified and standardized. I’ve removed the email settings from the Settings App. Now, when you try to use Dropbox it will see if you have linked the app, and take it from there. You can link/unlink from a new item in preferences. As a result of the change, it will no longer prompt you for your password each time. Also, with Dropbox, I have changed how uploads work. If an upload fails, you will no longer lose the previous version. Next, people were confused as to when to use the Save menu item when writing—they wanted to know how often, etc. Auteureist has always been doing autosaves and does a very good job of not losing data—unless the database itself becomes corrupted. The save option merely did an explicit save and updated some statistics. To remove the confusion I have removed the Save menu from the writing screen. You may need to relearn some habits as a result. The thing to keep in mind, the app saves everything you do and you can just leave the screen or app and everything will be saved. If you ever lose some work, that is an indication something went wrong with the database and you should restore a backup.

Finally, skinning on both iPhone and iPad are now more consistent. Ok that’s it for now. I am going to start work on version 3 for iOS5. I’ll continue to fix and work on 2.+ but the priority needs to shift.

Have a good weekend/holiday.

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