Version 2.21 Information

I hope everyone had a good holiday and finishing up writing your novels for NaNoWriMo.

I’m going to be releasing another update in the next week or so. This will be version 2.21. This one has the usual bug fixes and some enhancements. This will be a required upgrade going forward in that it will require iOS 5 or later—I am dropping support for earlier versions . So if you don’t plan on upgrading to 5, you should not install this version. This move makes it easier to incorporate new iOS 5 features.

This version fixes a couple of weird crashes, and the preferences not being saved. Also I’ve fixed the bug where the default font was invisible if you created a new database.

The new enhancements include the character backstory (introduced in the last version) is now exported properly, and the journal keyboard bar now has buttons for posting to Twitter and Facebook. A major new feature is that the app now supports the iPhone’s Twitter integration. You now configure Twitter accounts using the standard Settings app Twitter section.

The next version should be 2.3. This will include a new database structure and will be a major internal change; this wasn’t ready for this release. This will allow for iCloud synching.

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Version 2.20 Information

Another update is coming. Version 2.20 has the usual bug fixes. In addition there are a few “tweaks”. The most obvious one is the redesign and simplification of the password screen. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but this along with the more consistent and simplified text editing UI (not as obvious a change) is laying the groundwork for a revamped iPad UI and incorporating iOS 5 features such as iCloud. Most of the changes are internal, and the simplified UI is a result. The other visible change is in the text editing progress bar. I felt it needed more feedback so I have added additional color codes to indicate how close to your writing goal. Before version 2.20. It was either red (not done) and green (goal achieved). Starrting in this version there are more colors:

Red – starting on the goal
Orange – you have hit 25% of your goal Yellow.- you have hit 50% of your goal
Blue – you have hit 75% of your goal
Green – you have achieved your writing goal.
Using this, I’ve noticed I tend to write more, faster and I spend less time looking at the actual word counts.

That’s what is in this version. Now on to the next.
The next version will be a major one in terms of internal changes. Most of the changes will deal with migrating the way your writing is stored. This will not only speed up some certain functions, but it will bring things into line with working with iCloud. ICloud support will show up in the following version. I want to take things a step at a time to make sure things are relatively stable.
Having said that, the next release will drop support for pre-iOS 5 devices. So if you aren’t upgrading to 5 you shouldn’t upgrade the app. You won’t be able to go back if you do.
That’s it for now. Version 2.20 will be submitted sometime this coming week. 2.20 is a recommended upgrade for all.
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