Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all! The next update will be submitted this week. This is mainly a set of internal changes and simplifications leading up to iCloud support. There are a couple of bug fixes and graphics cleanups as well. Most of the changes aren’t visible but are needed in order to rebuild the app’s UI and to provide synching via iCloud. Again, this version requires iOS 5.x.

I’m not rushing iOS 5 functionality. Rushing releases caused lots of issues earlier this year and I don’t want to repeat those problems by rolling out something that breaks and causes more problems than it solves. The good news is that the app is very stable at this and the bug reports coming in are almost none existent. The ones that are coming in I’m fixing and testing with each new version. Additionally, I’m taking my time with the new UI that will be released next year sometime. Enjoy the holidays. Next year will be a good one. Sent from Auteureist™ on iPad – http://auteureist.com/