Minor Tweak Coming

The next release will be submitted this weekend. It contains a minor graphics fix for the new iPad’s retina display. In addition there is early support for essays (including a beat sheet). This was a request. In other news here is an early look at the Version 3 Script Project Editor. Still not final.

Version 3 is progressing nicely. But, there’s lots left to do.

Yes I will be, once again, participating in ScriptFrenzy in April. No, version 3 isn’t quite ready for it.


New IPad

This is going to be a quick update. Apple, as you know, has announced the new iPad. If you are wondering, Auteureist works and looks good on it, although I’ll probably update some of the graphics once I get mine. The emulator isn’t exactly like the device.
The version 2 to 3 migration code is pretty much done and in testing. I’m trying to figure out the best way to roll it out. The migration will have to occur as part of version 2 BEFORE you install 3. Doing it otherwise would require carrying forward lots of version 2 code that only gets used once.

I’m still working on the version 3 UI and it’s looking really good. I’ve started on the iCloud sync code. There is still a ton left to do and 3.0 is no where near release yet, but compared to 2 it’s a vast improvement. I’ve learned a lot and this isn’t just a big upgrade; it’s a total rewrite, from scratch, taking into account all the new things Apple has released, and all I’ve learned from in the first two versions.
That’s it for now. More next time.

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