iOS 6 Is Coming

As you probably know Apple announced  iOS6.  It’s still under NDA (non-disclosure) so I can’t talk too much about it.  However, I can talk about Auteureist and it’s relationship to iOS6. The app works with iOS6—as does the upcoming version 3 of Auteureist.  In previous updates to iOS there were usually a fair number of things that I had to deal with in order to get the app working. In this release it’s not an issue.  

Now a quick status  update.  The UI in version 3 is pretty much done.  There are still a couple of things I want to adjust and tweak.  I’m going to start on the functionality and making it all usable shortly.  

Here is a sneak peek at a new feature in version 3 of Auteureist.  You’ll have a cork board display where you can arrange elements of your writing to reorder them and try different sequences. 

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No I Haven’t Been Sleeping

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update.  I’ve been busy. Between work, ScriptFrenzy, and other commitments I havent had time to post.  So here we go…

The last few releases of Auteureist have been stable and pretty bug free. I’ve only been releasing minor fixes and updates.  I’ve been focusing my efforts on 3.0.  I’m still working on finishing up the new UI and it’s almost complete. I’ve been tweaking and adjusting things as I go. It’s coming along nicely. 

The new version is a lot less complex internally—a very good thing.  This is a result of my taking the mistakes I made in the original versions and cleaning things up. Refactoring and simplifying is always a good thing. Version 3 will be a lot more flexible and powerful (and stable) as a result.  

Right now I’m focusing on the interface and user interactions and how writers will use the app.  I think I have a good flow which is a lot more intuitive than the current one.  At the same time, I have more functionality and ease of use.  All the current functionality will be there but some things people have wanted and lots none have thought of is present or will be.  A lot of people have said Auteureist is great but it doesn’t let me format my writing or I don’t want to use a desktop app.  I think this will address those concerns. 

How soon?  Not soon. I’m still working on the UI and then I’ll work on the actual functionality (which I’ve begun). How much?  Free upgrade to current Auteureist for iPad users. 

I’m going to leave you with a couple screenshots of 3.

You really don’t spend a lot of time on these screens, but when you need them they are useful.

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