Happy New Year!

Happy 2013. This is the first blog update for the new year.

I’ve been making a lot of progress on version 3. Journaling is pretty much complete. The new journal now tracks not only your own entries, but writing activity as well as Twitter and Foursquare activity.

Here is a look at it.


Currently, I’m working on the logic for exporting projects. This was always a weakness in the old version of the app. The new version has all new redesigned and rewritten logic so things will be more consistent and accurate.

I’m also redesigning importing. Version 3 has a much better importing infrastructure and gives you more control over how things are imported.

In order to test importing and exporting, I’m using 20 years of my own writing on other platforms to make sure things work properly and the formatting is correct.

Importing and exporting are the two biggest features left that I need to complete. The app is still far from done, but after that point it will be a lot of smaller tasks that I will need to focus on. Version 2’s support was a bit flaky.

Here is version 3 with an external keyboard.


One feature I was hoping to have was the ability to embed graphics within the text, but this will have to wait. Support for that is currently not available on iOS and creating my own way would be too time consuming.

I’m using version 3 full time now (since NaNoWriMo 2012) and only use version 2 for bug fixes and testing.

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