This is just another quick status update.

The big news is exporting to Scrivener is now pretty solid. Auteureist can export a project and create a standard Scrivener file package. That means you can open the export directly in Scrivener and have all of your writing, characters, and locations etc. usable in Scrivener.

I am still testing importing a Scrivener file package into Auteureist. There are a few issues I need to address.

Importing and exporting Scrivener files was one of the initial goals for Auteureist, but I didn’t have enough iOS coding comfort and knowledge to do it back then. Importing never really worked and exporting was pretty basic and painful to do.

The first image is of an export to Dropbox.

The second image is of an exported project opened in Scrivener.

Version 3 is coming along nicely.


Where I Am On Version 3

It’s time for another update.

I have spent some time reviewing the list of items I need to deal with before I release 3. I have pushed some things I had hoped for into version 3.1 such as synchronization between devices. These are functions I had hoped would be in the initial release but because of issues with iCloud or other components, or just because I had more than I can do, I have pushed into upcoming releases.

At some point you have to say—it is done and stop adding functionality. I am at that stage. There are things I personally want, but these functions will wait.

As a result, I have a nice feature list for 3.1. It also means I have a hard target for the release for 3.0. If nothing major comes up, Auteureist 3.0 should be out in the September 2013 timeframe.

The app is currently in the alpha stage and I am hoping to go beta in the next month or two. It all depends on how much free time I have.

One unknown, at this point, is what will Apple announce at the WWDC? I am hoping fixes and simplifications to iCloud/CoreData synch and support for attachments in NSAttributedString. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry.

Oh, and I have settled on the simplified flat-UI from the last post.


With all of the rumors about iOS 7 being “flat” and non-skeumorphic, I’m thinking of flattening out the UI on Auteureist™.

The first image is the original version, the second, the flattened.

The “flattened” UI is definitely simpler and cleaner, but it looks a bit
“South Park” to me.

I’m still not sure which I will end up using, if you have a preference, let me know.