And The Number Is 7

As you probably know Apple has announced iOS 7 at the WWDC. I’m not going to get into whether or not I like the icons and new design. Some of it good some of it is still rough. What I am going to discuss is how 7 is going to affect Auteureist and development.

As has been true in the past years any new version of iOS causes a lot of internal and cosmetic changes to most apps. This year is no different. In prior years I waited until the iOS was released before I started upgrading the app. This year, however, I am already working on the iOS7 release. The changes I made in rewriting to Version 3 of the app make my life a lot easier in moving forward faster.

That’s the good news. The bad new is iOS7, from a developer point of view, is only available for the iPhone, the iPad version to be released in a few weeks. What that means is that I can’t easily update the iPad version of Auteureist to 7 and have to work on the iPhone version sooner than I had planned.

The good news is that the work I have done for the iPad version is relatively easily usable in the iPhone version. That was part of the incentive for writing Version 3 in the first place.

The bad news is 7 is making me rethink how a user uses the app on the phone. The good news is the app won’t be as clumsy to use as Version 2 currently is.

The bad news is the redesign for the iPhone is making me simplify the iPad version as well—more work. That’s bad news for me, good news for the users of Auteureist.

The good news is that I have started work on Auteureist 3 for the iPhone. The bad news is the iPad version is awaiting the iPad 7 developer tools.

The first screen shot is the new password screen, not much different cosmetic-wise but different “under the hood”.

The next screen is the important one. This is the first screen you now see when you pass the password screen. No more traversing hierarchies of screens just to write. I’ve turned the app on its head, so to speak. Now you can just start writing first in full screen mode.

It may not look exciting, but it lets you be productive writing right away. There is a lot behind the scenes I’m not showing here. But there are two controls visible on the screen.

The bad news is there is more work. The good news is it not overwhelming and I am hoping to release Version 3 in time for this year’s NaNoWriMo if nothing major comes up.

And The Number Is 7
I just wrote 459 words (1.8 pages) in Auteureist™.


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