Auteureist 3.0 Is Live

It’s finally here. Apple approved the latest version of Auteureist, and it’s now available.

NOTE: This version is NOT compatible with earlier version, if you want to save old writing, export it.

This version is a vast improvement over the previous one. This is a HUGE release in terms of capability. Here is what you should know:

– Documentation – complete and extensive:
– Real FAQ, help and support –
– Partial feature list –
– Support email remains: support at auteureist co m.
– Yes there is support for NaNoWriMo (limited to what NaNoWriMo provides).
– Sign up for tips and tricks newsletter (I won’t spam).
– Now that the base version is out, bug fixes and new features will be rolled out more frequently. No piece of software is perfect. We’ll work on fixing and continually improving it.
– Follow @Auteureist on Twitter for important updates and information.

Your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports are appreciated. I hope the wait was worth it.

Thank you all for your patience and support over the years.
S Koren
VisualNewt Software