It’s time for a status update. Auteureist 3 has been out for a bit now and has been having some birthing pains, which is to be expected from a new release, but not a good thing to have. Although there haven’t been a ton of issues, the few that have cropped up have been hard to track down.

I’ve been fixing any issues that are getting reported or are being captured if the app crashes. At this point, I’m pushing fixes out at about once a week, so things are improving rapidly. If you do experience a problem, please report it using the website or the in-app support page.

I’ve also been adjusting the UI a bit based on feedback. At this point I’m focused on fixing issues, and am not working on new major features or major UI improvements. Those will come later.

3.004 has been submitted and awaiting approval. This release fixes the last major issue that has cropped up in the reports and logs.

If you would like to help test (not play or try out, but actually test) please sign up on the website. I’m looking for a couple of good testers.

Thanks for everyone’s support and feedback.

3.004 Submitted