Auteureist™ and iOS 8.

3.100 will be the next release of Auteureist™ (up from 3.014).  This signals a significant update.

iOS 8 is out as are the new iPhones.  Auteureist™ still works properly on iOS8 on iPads.

I’ve been working on iOS 8 enhancements for Auteureist™ and the next release will include some internal changes and optimizations to leverage iOS8 features that will be included. Most of these features won’t be visible until they are ready.

However, what will be visible will be some long-needed redesigns of the main editors (Novel, Script, Blog, Element, etc.)  This really isn’t an iOS 8 feature, but current 3 designs have been around since 2.x and I’ve never really liked them.  They were clunky and disorganized—but they worked.  With 3.100 you’ll hopefully find them easier to use and more understandable.

Here is what the current Project Editor looks like. (Yuck!)

Old Editor

Old Editor

And this is the 3.100 redesign.

New Editor

New Editor

I am also redesigning the Export screen which is better but still not very intuitive. 3.100 is not quite ready yet, but I’m hoping to get it into the App Store in the next couple of weeks.

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3.014 Submitted

It’s time for another status update.

I’ve been quiet here because I’ve been focused on resolving issues and I’ve begun getting ready for iOS8.  There is still things to do for 8 but the current version is a lot more stable since the first release of 3. I’ve also implemented a few minor enhancements suggested by users that improve the overall ease of use of the app. 

I’ve just submitted 3.014 to the App Store for approval. 

Depending on what Apple announces at the announcement today, may have an affect on the app and what I focus on in terms of bug fixes and improvements.  

NaNoWriMo is sneaking up on us in a couple of months and I’ll be using the app as I always do. More on that as we approach November.

Remember you can always find out what bugs are being worked on and what new features are introduced at  

I’m also testing something interesting for a future release, I’ll say more when the time comes.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who have provided feedback, bug reports, and supported the app through the years.