Version 3.100 Features

November is a busy month for me. One of the things that is chewing up my time is writing during NaNoWriMo (). This lets me really stress the app. Previous posts here have talked about some of the changes coming in version 3.100. Here is a complete breakdown of what to expect:

• Faster menu animations.
• Totally redesigned the main editors (project and element) have been redesigned to be more compact and organized.
• Totally redesigned the export view to be more compact and easier to understand.
• Totally redesigned export formatters. The generated output is much cleaner.
• Element Menus are now color coded:
◦ White – normal
◦ Yellow – selected
◦ Green – complete / done.
• Support for TouchID, and Passcode. I’ve removed the old-style password.
• Support for exporting to iCloud Drive.
• Redesigned Welcome screens.
• Some iOS 8 3x graphics upgrades.
• Ability to update your NaNoWriMo word count from within the app.
• Corkboard can now open, and delete elements as well as open the Element Editor
• Corkboard now reachable from the Element Management popup. This makes the cork board view a lot more usable.
• Main accessory toolbar has a set of buttons to easily move between elements. I’ve removed the ability to swipe (with page curls) to move between elements. This was a good idea back in 3.000, but this had a negative impact on the app’s usability when you tried bringing up the menu and you missed, it would turn the page. The improved UI is more understandable and reduces this kind of frustration.
• Lots of bug fixes

I’m planning on releasing this version to the App Store by the end of the year.