Auteureist™ Support For Aeon Timeline Coming

I’ve been working on the next release of Auteureist™. There have been a few bumps along the way, but I’ve been able to make a lot of progress.  Some users have asked for Aeon Timeline ( ) support, and I’m glad to say the next release of the app will include some basic capabilities.

First, here is a screenshot of Aeon Timeline with an exported Auteureist™ project.


Aeon Timline

Aeon Timeline Export Example


The interesting point here isn’t  that you can export your projects, but that Auteureist™ actually generates the timeline without any work needed by the writer by analyzing your project and the actual text of the project.

Specifically, Auteureist™ can generate the following items automatically:

  • Global arc
  • Narration arc
  • An arc for each element
  • An arc for each character
  • An arc for each location
  • An event for each character’s first and last appearance in the project
  • An event for each locations’s first and last appearance in the project
  • An event spanning each element’s timeline.

I’ll be adding more auto-generated content in future releases.

If you define characters and locations in your project, Auteureist™ will use that information to generated the timeline.  Elements, characters, and locations are automatically treated as Aeon entities. You can, of course, also add and edit your own story arcs, and events. Additionally, you’ll be able to highlight text and create an event from it as you write leading to a more intuitive way of working with Aeon Timeline.

I think these capabilities make Auteureist™ unique and allows you to work in a more natural way with Aeon Timeline.

One limitation, currently, is that the ability to import an Aeon Timeline won’t be supported in the first release.

Version 3.200 should be released in the next week or two.


Version 3.200 Features

Time for an update.

In addition to one or two fixes, I’m still working on redesigning all of the editors.  The next release will include a redone Location Editor,. The major difference, however, will be internal since Apple now requires 64 bit support which required some app wide fixes.

I’m also including a new feature in 3.200. The next release will allow you to select an image to use as a cover photo using all of the project editors. The cover will be used when you’re exporting your project in ePub format. Here is an example of an ePub created with Auteureist viewed in iBooks: