Version 3.200 Features

Time for an update.

In addition to one or two fixes, I’m still working on redesigning all of the editors.  The next release will include a redone Location Editor,. The major difference, however, will be internal since Apple now requires 64 bit support which required some app wide fixes.

I’m also including a new feature in 3.200. The next release will allow you to select an image to use as a cover photo using all of the project editors. The cover will be used when you’re exporting your project in ePub format. Here is an example of an ePub created with Auteureist viewed in iBooks:


ePub default cover

More About 3.100 Updates

A bit more on the changes in 3.100.

As I mentioned the focus has been on rewriting the major editors and exports. I’ve made a lot of progress on the redesign and rewrite. I’m still have the PDF, OPML, and Scrivener exports to redo, but these should be relatively quick given the redesign is reusable across most formats.

Here is a screenshot of the new export control view.  Again, it’s more organized and compact than the old one.

Export view

New export view

As part of this redesign and improved formatting, I’m including a feature I’ve wanted for a while.  You’ll be able to include your own ePub covers directly from the app. Here is a screenshot of an ePub generated by Auteureist™ 3.100.  You probably won’t be able to choose your own photo until a version soon after 3.100, but this lays the groundwork.

ePub default cover

ePub default cover

A new feature in 3.100 includes support for TouchID rather than using a password. If you don’t want to protect your work you don’t have to, but if you choose to hide your work, you can use your fingerprint.

TouchID support

TouchID support

There are some other optimizations in speed and graphics quality along with some bug fixes.

3.100 should be ready in a month or two.  I’ll be busy participating in NaNoWriMo again this year, so coding will be cut back as usual while I focus on writing.

Oh one more thing…




More Export Options Coming

Just a quick peek. For iPhone and iPad in 1.3, email as well as wireless mode. Final Draft export will be Script Mode only and will be in the Final Draft .fdx format.
HTML and Raw HTML format are both pretty much working. PDF may wait, it depends on how hard it will be.