Auteureist™ and iOS 8.

3.100 will be the next release of Auteureist™ (up from 3.014).  This signals a significant update.

iOS 8 is out as are the new iPhones.  Auteureist™ still works properly on iOS8 on iPads.

I’ve been working on iOS 8 enhancements for Auteureist™ and the next release will include some internal changes and optimizations to leverage iOS8 features that will be included. Most of these features won’t be visible until they are ready.

However, what will be visible will be some long-needed redesigns of the main editors (Novel, Script, Blog, Element, etc.)  This really isn’t an iOS 8 feature, but current 3 designs have been around since 2.x and I’ve never really liked them.  They were clunky and disorganized—but they worked.  With 3.100 you’ll hopefully find them easier to use and more understandable.

Here is what the current Project Editor looks like. (Yuck!)

Old Editor

Old Editor

And this is the 3.100 redesign.

New Editor

New Editor

I am also redesigning the Export screen which is better but still not very intuitive. 3.100 is not quite ready yet, but I’m hoping to get it into the App Store in the next couple of weeks.

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And The Number Is 7

As you probably know Apple has announced iOS 7 at the WWDC. I’m not going to get into whether or not I like the icons and new design. Some of it good some of it is still rough. What I am going to discuss is how 7 is going to affect Auteureist and development.

As has been true in the past years any new version of iOS causes a lot of internal and cosmetic changes to most apps. This year is no different. In prior years I waited until the iOS was released before I started upgrading the app. This year, however, I am already working on the iOS7 release. The changes I made in rewriting to Version 3 of the app make my life a lot easier in moving forward faster.

That’s the good news. The bad new is iOS7, from a developer point of view, is only available for the iPhone, the iPad version to be released in a few weeks. What that means is that I can’t easily update the iPad version of Auteureist to 7 and have to work on the iPhone version sooner than I had planned.

The good news is that the work I have done for the iPad version is relatively easily usable in the iPhone version. That was part of the incentive for writing Version 3 in the first place.

The bad news is 7 is making me rethink how a user uses the app on the phone. The good news is the app won’t be as clumsy to use as Version 2 currently is.

The bad news is the redesign for the iPhone is making me simplify the iPad version as well—more work. That’s bad news for me, good news for the users of Auteureist.

The good news is that I have started work on Auteureist 3 for the iPhone. The bad news is the iPad version is awaiting the iPad 7 developer tools.

The first screen shot is the new password screen, not much different cosmetic-wise but different “under the hood”.

The next screen is the important one. This is the first screen you now see when you pass the password screen. No more traversing hierarchies of screens just to write. I’ve turned the app on its head, so to speak. Now you can just start writing first in full screen mode.

It may not look exciting, but it lets you be productive writing right away. There is a lot behind the scenes I’m not showing here. But there are two controls visible on the screen.

The bad news is there is more work. The good news is it not overwhelming and I am hoping to release Version 3 in time for this year’s NaNoWriMo if nothing major comes up.

And The Number Is 7
I just wrote 459 words (1.8 pages) in Auteureist™.


Version 2.21 Information

I hope everyone had a good holiday and finishing up writing your novels for NaNoWriMo.

I’m going to be releasing another update in the next week or so. This will be version 2.21. This one has the usual bug fixes and some enhancements. This will be a required upgrade going forward in that it will require iOS 5 or later—I am dropping support for earlier versions . So if you don’t plan on upgrading to 5, you should not install this version. This move makes it easier to incorporate new iOS 5 features.

This version fixes a couple of weird crashes, and the preferences not being saved. Also I’ve fixed the bug where the default font was invisible if you created a new database.

The new enhancements include the character backstory (introduced in the last version) is now exported properly, and the journal keyboard bar now has buttons for posting to Twitter and Facebook. A major new feature is that the app now supports the iPhone’s Twitter integration. You now configure Twitter accounts using the standard Settings app Twitter section.

The next version should be 2.3. This will include a new database structure and will be a major internal change; this wasn’t ready for this release. This will allow for iCloud synching.

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Printing Coming In Auteureist 2.1

Yes, there will be more updates. As usual, there will be the stuff I announce and a few surprises. Auteureist™ 2.0 introduce Dropbox integration, RTF exports, as well as “zipping” your email exports as attachments. The first major feature to be in 2.1 will be printing:


Here you can see the new Action icon which Apple wants us to use, and the Print option on the iPhone.


And the version on the iPad. Yes it does print and is being tested. Printing will be available from the text editing view (these screenshots) as well as from the Synchronization screen.

Yes there will be another “Mode” for purchase on both the iPhone and iPad but that won’t be in 2.1.


The First Novel Written On An iPad

It’s official! I’ve completed NaNoWriMo 2010 with a novel of 51,308 words, and it was completely written on an Apple iPad using my Auteureist™ app. Now that that’s out of the way, time for a wrap up. The novel ended where I wanted it to end. Things resolved and all the threads came together nicely. I actually like what I created this year. The writing flowed and compared to last year, it went a lot easier. Not because I did more planning, or outlining—I didn’t. I had planned to, but when November 1 rolled around I pretty much had nothing—I’d tossed my original idea out as being dull and boring (I’m glad I did). It went better because I started with a good first sentence that opened the story up. I do best when I have a first sentence that is both a good “hook” and open-ended enough that it makes me think.

Here is last year’s:
“Johnny Storm sat on a bench enjoying the Sunday morning sunshine.” As you can see, last year’s was dull, uninteresting. It was open-ended (way way open-ended), but it didn’t act as a hook. What resulted was a decent novel, not good, not bad.

Here is this year’s as a contrast: I set aside my anger and took a deep breath wiping the sweat from my brow. “Why did you do it?” I panted.”

This year’s opening sentence has you, the reader, asking “What’s going on? Why is “I” angry? What did “you” do to cause him to become angry?” Good hook, and open-ended—a good novel generally results. Will I edit/publish this year’s effort? It would be interesting to do so. I’m not sure.

Now onto Auteureist™ on the iPad. It was a lot easier and quicker to type on it than it was on the iPhone. That’s the main benefit. The app in landscape with its dual screens is very nice. It allows for a lot of flexibility that you don’t get on the iPhone’s single screen. There are rough spots. I’ve fixed a few, but there are some things I want to tweak. People didn’t report these because they weren’t really bugs per se, but they are nuisances that make using the app a bit rough under long writing sessions and circumstances. Again, I try to create applications that I want to use. Auteureist™ on the iPad is close to being that. But it needs some work. Now that NaNoWriMo is over, I can focus my efforts on resolving these issues and getting it out to all of you.

So that’s NaNoWriMo 2010! April and ScriptFrenzy are not that far off! On a side note, I’ve recently had a couple of people emailing me that they’ve lost their password, and could I recover it for them. Unfortunately, I’m sad to say, if you lose the password, there is nothing I can do. As the documentation on the website says, its your responsibility to protect your work and to sync and export your writing and to protect your password. If you feel you might forget or lose your password, you may be better off not having or using one in the app. Just a reminder! Protect your writing. Back it up, export it, sync it. If you lose it or your password, I can’t help you. Sorry.