Auteureist™ and iOS 8.

3.100 will be the next release of Auteureist™ (up from 3.014).  This signals a significant update.

iOS 8 is out as are the new iPhones.  Auteureist™ still works properly on iOS8 on iPads.

I’ve been working on iOS 8 enhancements for Auteureist™ and the next release will include some internal changes and optimizations to leverage iOS8 features that will be included. Most of these features won’t be visible until they are ready.

However, what will be visible will be some long-needed redesigns of the main editors (Novel, Script, Blog, Element, etc.)  This really isn’t an iOS 8 feature, but current 3 designs have been around since 2.x and I’ve never really liked them.  They were clunky and disorganized—but they worked.  With 3.100 you’ll hopefully find them easier to use and more understandable.

Here is what the current Project Editor looks like. (Yuck!)

Old Editor

Old Editor

And this is the 3.100 redesign.

New Editor

New Editor

I am also redesigning the Export screen which is better but still not very intuitive. 3.100 is not quite ready yet, but I’m hoping to get it into the App Store in the next couple of weeks.

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It’s time for a status update. Auteureist 3 has been out for a bit now and has been having some birthing pains, which is to be expected from a new release, but not a good thing to have. Although there haven’t been a ton of issues, the few that have cropped up have been hard to track down.

I’ve been fixing any issues that are getting reported or are being captured if the app crashes. At this point, I’m pushing fixes out at about once a week, so things are improving rapidly. If you do experience a problem, please report it using the website or the in-app support page.

I’ve also been adjusting the UI a bit based on feedback. At this point I’m focused on fixing issues, and am not working on new major features or major UI improvements. Those will come later.

3.004 has been submitted and awaiting approval. This release fixes the last major issue that has cropped up in the reports and logs.

If you would like to help test (not play or try out, but actually test) please sign up on the website. I’m looking for a couple of good testers.

Thanks for everyone’s support and feedback.

3.004 Submitted


Auteureist 3.0 Is Live

It’s finally here. Apple approved the latest version of Auteureist, and it’s now available.

NOTE: This version is NOT compatible with earlier version, if you want to save old writing, export it.

This version is a vast improvement over the previous one. This is a HUGE release in terms of capability. Here is what you should know:

– Documentation – complete and extensive:
– Real FAQ, help and support –
– Partial feature list –
– Support email remains: support at auteureist co m.
– Yes there is support for NaNoWriMo (limited to what NaNoWriMo provides).
– Sign up for tips and tricks newsletter (I won’t spam).
– Now that the base version is out, bug fixes and new features will be rolled out more frequently. No piece of software is perfect. We’ll work on fixing and continually improving it.
– Follow @Auteureist on Twitter for important updates and information.

Your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports are appreciated. I hope the wait was worth it.

Thank you all for your patience and support over the years.
S Koren
VisualNewt Software


Auteureist 3 Is Coming

This is going to be very short.

Version 3 of Auteureist should be submitted to the App Store next week. In preparation the new redesigned website is live. It is, however, incomplete and will be done by the time the app goes live.

I think Auteureist 3 is orders of magnitude better and more user-friendly than previous versions.

It’s features rival desktop writing apps in some ways.

Stay tuned for news in the next week or two.


Coming Soon…

It’s been a while. A long while since the last update.

Here’s a bit of an explanation. I took a break from developing to take care of other things. I needed a break and a reset.

You don’t care about that, what you do care about is is Auteureist dead? Far from it.

I’ve pulled the old version off of the AppStore in preparation for the release of 3.0.

Why? Because the way your projects is stored is not compatible across the versions. Pulling the app is to try to reduce the confusion users will have in transitioning.

Here is the important bit: YOU MUST EXPORT what you want to keep. The easiest way is to email what you have written to yourself from within version 2.x. If you don’t do this, you will lose what you have written.

Version 3.0 will be submitted to the AppStore on June 1. Hopefully, it will be on the store shortly after that.

The good news for existing users is this will be a free upgrade.


October Status Update

This is going to be quick, this time. I’ve made a lot of progress since the last update in September. There is still a fair amount to be done but the list is shrinking.

November is a couple of weeks away. Things are going to get crazy busy. It’s another year for NaNoWriMo for me and another chance to stress test the app under realistic writing conditions. Between that and my job I won’t have much time to work on the app in November.

I plan on pulling the old version off the App Store a month prior to the release of Auteureist 3. The main reason for this is that the new version isn’t compatible with the old and I don’t want people to get confused thinking they can just upgrade. You’ll have to export anything you want to keep in the old version prior to moving to version 3.

I have been using version 3 on a daily basis now for a while. It has little, if any, of the confusion of the earlier releases. It still more complete than any other writing app on iOS, and I truly believe version 3 brings more to make Auteureist better.

I’m going to leave you with a paraphrase of a Woody Allen quote, make of it what you will.

“Writing, I think, is like a shark, you know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is an app that moves your writing forward.”


Another Status Update

This is another quick status update on Version 3.

I’m still working on testing, tweaking, and fixing things that I find. There is still a lot to do, but the list is down to about a page.

I have also done some trimming and re-prioritizing of my to-do/wish list moving a lot of items into future releases. This is necessary or I will never finish version 3.

Nothing really major has come up since the last post, so I am still planning to release this version in the fall.

The next few weeks will be interesting because of the Apple WWDC which is expected to have a lot of news on both new devices as well as the developer side of iOS. This will probably have an impact on the app, but this year I don’t feel I am playing “catch up”, or going through as big a learning curve.