Minor Tweak Coming

The next release will be submitted this weekend. It contains a minor graphics fix for the new iPad’s retina display. In addition there is early support for essays (including a beat sheet). This was a request. In other news here is an early look at the Version 3 Script Project Editor. Still not final.

Version 3 is progressing nicely. But, there’s lots left to do.

Yes I will be, once again, participating in ScriptFrenzy in April. No, version 3 isn’t quite ready for it.


Printing Coming In Auteureist 2.1

Yes, there will be more updates. As usual, there will be the stuff I announce and a few surprises. Auteureist™ 2.0 introduce Dropbox integration, RTF exports, as well as “zipping” your email exports as attachments. The first major feature to be in 2.1 will be printing:


Here you can see the new Action icon which Apple wants us to use, and the Print option on the iPhone.


And the version on the iPad. Yes it does print and is being tested. Printing will be available from the text editing view (these screenshots) as well as from the Synchronization screen.

Yes there will be another “Mode” for purchase on both the iPhone and iPad but that won’t be in 2.1.


Beatsheets In Auteureist

Time for an update.

First of all, I’m looking for people to help translate Auteureist into non-English.  Check out the instructions on the main site.

Second, there is a minor update out that fixes a sorting chapters bug.Third, the ipad version is coming along nicely.

Next, in my investigations of screenwriting, I came across the notion of a “beatsheet”.  A beatsheet is a set of points that describes the arc and structure a script.  Here is a good introductory site:   http://tinyurl.com/y34g5sm.  There are others.I really like this as a way of planning a script, so I have built it into Auteureist.  Here is how it works:

Create a script and you’re faced with a blank scene list.


Tap the + (add scene) button and you get the new menu (I still need to fix the menu title—ignore that).


As you see there are a couple of new additions.  If you tap “Beatsheet”….


Auteureist will pre-populate the scene list with the beatsheet breakdown (the numbers indicates the suggested page range.). This is the complete Blake Snyder Beatsheet.

Of course you can edit and rearrange these as you want.  You can also add a beatsheet to the end of an existing script (and then rearrange all the scenes).I think this helps you get started when you are stuck without an idea and helps to remind you of structure and pacing.

I’m sure there are other forms of beatsheet.  If you have a favorite, let me know and I’ll build it in.Finally,  I have simplified how you type a script.  You can now type the script pretty much free form (well there are a few simple rules.). Auteureist now does a pretty decent job of reformatting your script.  This is done on demand and when you save each scene.

Screen Mode is moving along nicely.  I’m really learning a lot about what works and doesn’t by actually writing a script for ScreenFrenzy completely in Auteureist.
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